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Nose has many dimensional features such as length, width, height, size of the nostrils, and so on.  Compliance of all of these sub-structures within their own, forms the basis of beauty of nose. At the same time the structure of the nose is composed of different tissues such as cartilaginous tissue, bone tissue, skin tissue, and mucosal tissue. These tissues have balance  within themselves structurally and they have their own duties. Because of this, rhinoplasty surgery is more onerous compared to other cosmetic surgeries. It needs further more detailed planning, care and experience.

Another issue in rhinoplasty surgery is compliance of the nose with face. To be able to talk about beauty of the face, nose must be in harmony with chin, lips, forehead and eyes.
If we summarize what all we said with an example, nose a person may be small, raised and "beautiful" according to the general understanding, but it may be incompatible with the other parts of the face. On the other hand, other person's nose may be greater larger or fleshy more than the acceptable dimensions, but if it is in harmony with the person's physical characteristics it may be pleased the eye.

Nowadays it is generally accepted that after plastic surgery nose must not appear like operated, it must be appear natural and symmetric and in surgery good features of  nose should be kept, breathing must be protected or improved.
Because of all of these reasons, the decision-making process of rhinoplasty surgery, your discussions with your doctor and advices that you will take according to your body and facial structure are very important.

Functional rhinoplasty is very important for more quality and healthy life. If you have a problem about breathing which is the main duty of the nose, it affects quality of life negatively and also it may cause chronic inflammatory diseases such as sinusitis.
In rhinoplasty surgery there are two main techniques according to the surgery scar; opened and closed. Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. According to procedure time may vary between 1.5 to 4 hours.

Bumper and nose splint may be used according to postoperative interventions; if they are used, bumper is removed after 3-15 days and nasal splint is removed after 5-8 days.
Generally, after splint is removed completely, nose is supported with special bands. After operation, bruises may occur around the eyes and on cheeks for 3-7 days. Most of swellings go down but swellings on nose and around the nose will go down after 45-60 days. The nose takes its final shape after approximately 6 months. 






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