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Fat Injection

Fat injections or implementation of it as fillers has a wide application field   in cosmetic surgery. The injected fat cells continue to live the new place and they act as filler. With aging, the amount of fat reduces in face so sagging occurs. Decreasing fat is put in place through fat injection and in face younger, fuller, youthful and aesthetic appearance is provided.

It is applied on following parts:

1.    Face
2.    Hands
3.    Scars
4.    Body in order to remove skin contour disorders

The fat will be injected is taken from abdomen, waist or any suitable part in body with special vacuum canula. After fat tissue taken, it is processed and injected in face, folds extending from the edge of the nose to the corners of the lips, upper eyelid and cheekbone region with special tips. This procedure can be applied alone or in combination with other operations.

In small regions local anesthesia is preferred. For larger regional areas, local anesthesia and sedation are combined.
The process takes about 1-2 hours according to condition of treated region.
Generally, patient can back to her social life after one day. After the operation, oedema occurs in the treated place. This oedema will be disposed spontaneously within a few days and aesthetic visual will take final shape. You can start to make sport.

If melting will be significant, fat injections may be repeated for 3-6 months in this region.  You will realize the new shape provided by operation after 2 weeks. 





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