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Brachioplasty Surgery


Arm Lift

We can see sagging on arms because of severe weight loss in arms and after periods of losing - gaining weight. Also it may occur due to aging or it may occur in early ages depending on genetic and familial factors.

Brachioplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. In arm sagged because of the reasons mentioned above there are three factors causing deformity. We can summarize these factors as excessive and inappropriate accumulation of fat tissue, slackening of subcutaneous tissue and sagging of skin. These factors may occur in different ratios from person to person, sometimes all of them occur and sometimes one of them comes to the fore than other one. Therefore, planning for surgery will be performed, localization and length of incision vary from person to person.

Operation has three stages:

1.    Liposuction (fat suction),
2.    Removal of excess skin and tightening of subcutaneous tissue,
3.    Closing incision after stretching the skin
Surgery can take about 2-4 hours.

After the operation, a period will begin that you will feel tightness in your arm. During this period, a bandage will be on your arm and it will be asked from you to keep your arm high above heart level. Thus, detumescence of postoperative swelling will be ensured as soon as possible. As with all surgeries, it is very important to do not smoke and to do not stay in smoking regions. You should to avoid from activities which may compel suture lines for 1-3 weeks after surgery. Removing suture procedure will not be needed after surgery, because generally we use internal sutures. Otherwise you will be informed about it.

The patient can back to work after 7-10 days. 

There will be a surgery scar which extends to axillary cavity from one level on elbow depending on the degree of excess skin on the inner side of the arm.
Initially, surgery scar will be more apparent, with the completion of wound healing (approximately in one year) you will see that apparent will be reduced.

Leg Lift

Following severe weight loss or advancing age, sagging may occur on upper leg that we call it as thigh. These sagging, fat deposits and folds can be removed by operation that we call it as thigh lift.

Thus, you will have stretched and young looking legs that are compatible with the other parts of the body.

Operation has three stages:

1.    Liposuction (fat suction),
2.    Removal of excess skin and tightening of subcutaneous tissue,
3.    Closing incision after stretching the skin

Although it depends on process and king of anesthesia will be used, generally you will be released from hospital after you stay one night after operation. During this period, a bandage will be around your leg and some bruising and swelling will occur. Within 7-10 days, bruising and swelling will be reduced, so you can back to your social life and to your work.
Generally, procedure of removing suture will not be needed, because usually we use self-soluble internal sutures.
Surgery takes about 3-5 hours. After surgery drains that prevent the accumulation of blood may be applied on region of surgery. Drains are removed after 2-5 days depending on the amount of blood. You can back to your work after 10-15 days, this time depends on tightness.

As mentioned in arm lift surgery part,   most of our patients worry about surgery scars. I would like to remind that it is a preference and without surgery scars it is impossible to have nice looking legs that are free from sagging skin. But you should to know that these scars will be hidden within the body lines.






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