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Breast Reduction


In the course of time, breasts may be deformed by enlarging and sagging with the effect of pregnancy, gravity and gaining-losing weight. Especially when breasts become heavy, it reduces the quality of life by causing several problems. Breast reduction surgery changes the standard of living and improves living standards of full-breasted women.

The biggest complaint of full- breasted patients who consult to plastic surgery doctor is back and neck pains. Fossas and wounds may occur in shoulder region in the place of bra strap, and rash and itching may occur in the lower curve of breasts.

This operation is performed under general anesthesia, from the bottom of breast and around the tip of breast.  
By applying sling to breasts, they are provided to be upright and plump. When it is necessary, nipples may be reduced also during the operation.

Operations may take approximately 2-4 hours according to breast size. After the operation you need to stay in hospital for one night. During your stay in hospital drains that prevent the accumulation of blood may be applied on region of surgery.
After operation, dressing should be made on region of surgery for 7-10 days. You must use sports bra for four weeks. After three days, it is possible to back to desk jobs.
You should to pay attention to lift weights for three weeks and also you must not raise your arm more than shoulder level. After 4 weeks, you can back to normal social life, do sports or go swimming.

The precautions will be taken to reduce risks to minimum by evaluating blood tests will be made before surgery and with anesthesiologist's examination.
In the classic breast reduction surgery, inverted T-shaped scar occurs at the bottom of breast. This scar can be reduced and shortened with vertical scar technique that we use in appropriate patients.

In researches, it has been determined that 10-20% breastfeeding problems can occur after breast reduction surgery, this risk can be reduced by developing surgical techniques.






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